Book Review: The Girl with the Treasure Chest

The first in the DANI series, The Girl with the Treasure Chest by V A Fearon follows the antics of Dani Fenton, reknowned negotiator of gangland disuptes and even more reknowned for her way with women.  Dani seemingly has it all - money, respect and the love of a good woman.  Until Susanna shows up.  Long her achilles heel Susanna's reappearance in Dani's life sparks a chain of events that threatens to upend every aspect of her life.

The Girl with the Treasure Chest Book CoverThere is a lot to like about this book, the debut novel of Veronica Fearon. Her drawing of the protagonist, Dani, is nuanced and multi-dimensional, so much so that the reader is often left pondering whether Dani is any kind of hero at all. And yet, despite some of the more questionable decisions she makes in trying to work through her unbridled passion and love for Susanna, there is something very relatable about Dani.  It is also very refreshing to come across a book set partly in lesbian London that is peopled primarily with women of colour.

The narrative is somewhat predictable and there are some moments when the suspension of disbelief is tested, however Fearon leaves enough in the tank to keep readers guessing until the final pages.

3.5 star book review on Planet Nation