Close up: Take 1 of the Kanyon and Daylen Series by K.B. Draper

Kanyon and Daylen are co-stars of a popular tv series but Kanyon's life is spiralling out of control and she manages to get both her and Daylen fired from the show.

This book is about what happens after that. Kanyon and Daylen still work together but on something entirely different and they find out things about each other, and themselves, that is a real shock to both of them.

Close Up coverI really enjoyed this book and fell in love with both of the main characters from the very beginning. I found myself rooting for them, in more ways than one, right until the very end. It has many laugh out loud moments but also many serious moments which is what makes it so good.

I was slightly disappointed that more didn't happen between Kanyon and Daylen but I guess I will just have to read the next book for that. A great book that is really well written and I am looking forward to the next one.

four star book review