Guilty Hearts by Jade Winters

Guilty Hearts follows the lives of two women, Rachel & Kathryn. Rachel is a journalist for a new women’s magazine and Kathryn is an interior designer to the rich and famous.

The book starts with Rachel going on a date with a girl she has met on a dating website, she just wants a bit of ‘fun’ nothing serious, Rachel is not the relationship type.

Rachel’s meeting with Kathryn is not by chance, she is contacted (through the website) by Kathryn’s husband who has a feeling his wife might be a lesbian. He wants Rachel to flirt with her and report back to him how she responds. Rachel agrees to this, against the advice of her best friend, on the basis that she feels sorry for the guy.

Guilty Hearts book coverWhat happens after that takes Rachel completely by surprise. They spend a lot of time together as Kathryn has agreed to be interviewed by Rachel for the magazine. Rachel realises she is falling in love with this woman but knows there is nothing she can do about it. She has to keep this relationship professional and Kathryn is a married woman...

I love the way Jade Winters builds up the relationship between these two women. They are both going through private issues of their own: Kathryn with her husband and Rachel with something that happened in the past. 

The emotions of the two women are very well written, as I was reading this book I actually felt like I was there, living right beside them. I laughed when they laughed, cried when they cried & wanted them both to hurry up & realise they wanted to be together. 

There was however, the problem of the way in which they met. How will Kathryn react if/when she finds out it wasn’t the chance meeting she thought it was? Will she forgive Rachel and they live happily ever after or will that deceit end the relationship forever? You’ll have to read the book to find out. In fact, at times I had to force myself to slow down because I was enjoying the book that much I wanted to know how it ended.

This is a fantastic story, it is very well written with great character portrayal & sub-plots. I had never read any of Jade Winters’ work before but after reading this I will definitely be added more of her books to my reading list.

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5 star book review