The Nature of Fragments by Katie Bennett-Hall

I always feel it is difficult to review a poetry book because poetry seems to speak to different people differently and even speaks to the same person differently on different days. And most collections, even by well established poets, can have a few misfires.

The Nature of Fragments is a short poetry collection by debut poet Katie Bennett-Hall. It has poems of various lengths from a few words to a page. It is "the interface of physics and the physical with an element of politics". It may well be all of these things but it is also very entertaining and thought provoking. Some of the poems are straightforward and some require a little more effort. I like that. I'm not fond of June/moon/spoon. I prefer challenging words and images that expect things of the reader.

The Nature of Fragments book coverA few phrases – although taken out of context – will give a flavour of the work.

“We resonate
In a nucleus of silence”


“Are shadows allowed to escape
their shackles?
And how happy are their souls?”


“You extrapolate me into this world,
tessellating with me,
making my meaning.”

Recognising that these are mere snippets – fragments – it is plain to see the mastery of language here. My favourite poem is “What it is like to be a dyke”. A seemingly straightforward list type poem, it says much in a few lines. Poetry is very subjective and this is only 20 pages with some work being three or four lines but it is worth adding to your collection if you have an interest in dipping into poetry which is a little bit different.

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The Nature of Fragments is an exciting debut short collection of poetry that explores the interface of physics and the physical, and a little bit of the political with contemporary poems questioning love, life and beyond.

About the Author

Lesbian author Katie Bennett-HallKatie Bennett-Hall is a thirty-something journalist and writing lesbian Londoner. She is co-founder and former editor of the Planet London website.

Katie is the creator and screenwriter of the first London LBQ webseries 'She's in London' which is available on from 27 September 2015. Katie is the 2015 Ultimate Planet Awards journalist of the year and 'She's in London' is the 2015 Ultimate Planet Awards webseries of the year.

In the few spare minutes of the day she is not working or playing Candy Crush, she can be found writing or at least thinking about it. A poet since the age of 5, creative writing cup winner at high school, writing is all she ever wanted to do.