A Day in the Life of... Ingo (1)

Hi, my name is Ingo and I run and create all Wotever World's shows, events, workshops and tours. I work with an amazing crew who add their flavour and take on things how and what Queer Life in London, Europe mean NOW. We call ourselves Queers and we are a variety of trans, dykes, gays, bears, academics; and in various transitions... 

I believe life is in constant transition; we are moving, learning and growing in understanding and knowledge. The more people we meet and get to know, the better life is. And It's not our revolution if we can not Dance and Create Mayhem. More about these things in coming blogs/writings.

And, yes you should also know about me that I am dyslexic, and English isn't my first language... so, if you belong to the grammar and spelling police, remember to breathe... I try my best here. ;-) 

There is nothing more nerve wracking than the hours just before you open the doors to your event. Will people turn up, is all the crew prepared and the venue fully staffed with great people? 

If you have held a dinner party or a birthday event you know the feelin'... You check that all the things are where they should be and test various set ups to make sure you are prepared when the doors open. 

Contents of Ingo's bagPlus here is Hi Fashion and their hit Amazing! http://youtu.be/UkW5IGBEfwYI have run events for more than 30 years now (I'm 51) and that feeling still never goes away. That feeling of 'what can go wrong' 'do I have it all'? In my 'work bag' I have A4 papers, pens, gaffa tape, stamp, CDs, blue tack, first aid kit, chewing gums, tampons, nurofen and a camera with video function. Plus of course lists of guests; who's working, and various info specific for this event. Over the years there have been plenty of mishaps and horrible things I have had to deal with; calling an ambulance when people have passed out and/or grabbing the fire extinguisher when fire eating has gone wrong and the curtains are on fire to mention just a couple. But thankfully these horror moments are far in between.  

Tonight we do Female Masculinity Appreciation Society - an event that started a few years back, based on celebrating all kinds of Female Masculinity.... 

As with all our events, everyone that is respectful is welcome, but the aim of the night is to give a bit of spotlight to a sometimes marginalized group amongst us.. But I also think it was my way of creating a space where it was totally ok to add drag kings to the line up. 

Tonight we have one, Roy Gbp; plus the amazing Cabaret super starlet Pretty Miss Cairo.... She in many ways is one 'typical' Wotever Performer who started a few years ago slightly shy and new to the scene; a young man, dressed as a girl and performing political messages whilst getting naked, gender bending and fierce. Now she is a big name on the London scene, but we are very happy that she comes back to us now and then. Tonight she will do a number I saw her do a few months ago when she performed with her Cabaret Collective 'Familyyy Fierce'. A number I think will go down a storm for all this evening. Her masculine self start in a suit to 'I'm Your Man' by Leonard Cohen; then we will see her dancing and peeling off one symbol after the other until we have her in her birthday suit..!

Then we are very lucky to have the fierce Duo Hi Fashion from LA on stage with us again! They are an amazing music duo and have recently had a mega hit with Amazing. They are on tour and played Bar Wotever on Tuesday - but as it sometimes happens, we fell in love and they are back for more ;-) And we do NOT complain! International Queers Travelling is what we call this sometimes. There is a mega big network of us who travel and do stuff all around the world and we know people they know and that is how they got in touch with me in the first place, and they performed at Bar Wotever. 

That is what I like the best with running events; meeting and getting inspired by talented amazing people from all corners of the world, all walks of life and at various places in their development... I love working with newbies as well as well-established superstars who share our outlook of the world. Which is 'I rather work with nice people'... 

Now off, after writing this on my trusted laptop.  Yes, my bag also include ways to connect via social media. 

You are welcome to our FMAS08 tonight, or if you missed it, to any of our future events - we do about 2-3/week. 

You can follow us on twitter: @WoteverWorld or FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/WoteverWorldLtd 

Our Website: www.woteverworld.com 

Let's see what will happen tonight! And yes, it is nerv wracking but also so so exciting!! I love my job! 

All the best, Ingo x