A Day in the Life of Maxine... (7)


There's a masked man pointing a gun at my house.....

He's joined by a mob. They're angry. No, not anger - RAGE.

Someone is kicking my door now. He's screaming 'DIE LESBIAN, DIE'

Fear....Now terror. I need to be sick. No time. Can't think....

Love Human Rights Fundraising EventsYes, this really does happen to people. The last line is from my cousin who fled from Jamaica to America. My friends and I have now set up Love Human Rights Fundraising (LHR) to support people fleeing persecution on the grounds of their sexuality. 

We're launching the fundraising drive on 7th March at Labels. Promoting the launch makes me feel like I'm living in a real life 'tale of two cities'. I notice the divide between those for and against the oppressed. Some people think that asylum seekers should make a cuppa and wade through the UN Declaration of Human Rights while dodging bullets. That's assuming they've heard of it. 

I know what it's like to live a lie and be afraid to come out. I found it terrifying and nobody was trying to kill me. I can also remember my first year 'out'. Ahh, I was finally free. I partied so hard I've forgotten most of it but it was great, trust me. Now I want to raise funds to help other people get that feeling of freedom.

So many donors have already come forward to support us - thank you! Supporters are from a variety of industries and backgrounds: finance, retail, doctors and more. One thing they all seem to have in common is that they believe our community can come together to make a difference. And, they love the free feeling you get at a good party.

That's why the Love Human Rights team are determined to reward donors with a great night. The launch is really taking shape. Labels Soho has donated their entire venue on 7th March and arranged a fizzy reception with french canapés. A smooth Jazz artist has donated his time alongside an award winning mixologist. Our mixologist will help V.I.P donors create their own signature cocktail. I have no idea what my signature cocktail will be like but it should definitely
include spicy Tabasco sauce and Old Jamaican Ginger Ale. Yum.

Why not join us on March 7th at Labels Soho from 8pm? Advance tickets are £15 (standard) and £25 (V.I.P) We'll be running fundraising events all year so if you want to put forward your ideas or put on an event yourself drop me a line.

See you at the launch.
Maxine xx

Launch tickets: www.lovehumanrights.org.uk
UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group www.uklgig.org.uk
Lesbian Immigration Support Group www.lisg.org.uk

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