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Review of Below her Mouth at BFI Flare

Posted by VictoriaB on 06 May 2017

Below Her Mouth is a refreshing feature film, screening at BFI Flare as part of the ‘Bodies’ programme, ‘Stories of sex, identity and transformation’.

Starring Erika Linder (one of the first female models to be cast as a male model) who plays androgynous Dallas, alongside Natalie Krill (Canadian actress and former dancer who has appeared in several films and television programmes such as ‘Orphan Black’) as Jasmine.

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BFI Flare 2017 review of West North West

Posted by PetitP on 03 April 2017

This is a story of an Iranian art student in Japan, who we see in the beginning arguing with immigration officer about renewing her visa and her not being able to as she have not found a job yet. Upset and emotional, she finds her self in a cafe, places in a culture where emotions are not expressed in public locations...

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BFI Flare 2017 review of Our Love Story

Posted by PetitP on 03 April 2017

A story of an art student in Seoul who is top of her class and about to have a major expo for end of the semester. Until she meets a cute bartender and they slowly get closer and closer to each other. We all know how the beginning can be. Missing classes and not spending enough time on tasks at hand... but then one of the birds have to move away from the nest, and perhaps it's too late to get back on the horse with other stuff... How we deal with this twist is what differentiates us...

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BFI Flare 2017 review of Trials and Liberations

Posted by PetitP on 03 April 2017

Trials and Liberations was a series of lovely documentary shorts focusing on trans, or gender non conforming individuals and their journeys to where they are today. Many touching ones that brought tears to my eyes, including one which told the story of how the trans flag was created.

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BFI Flare 2017 review of Crush

Posted by VictoriaB on 27 March 2017

Crush is a beautiful short film. 

Screening at BFI Flare as part of the Falling Free programme. Written and produced by Rosie Westhoff, who has been third assistant director on Eastenders in 2016. 

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BFI Flare 2017 review of A Date for Mad Mary

Posted by Planet Nation on 27 March 2017

"Mad" Mary McArdle (Seána Kerslake) returns to her hometown after a brief stint in prison and is immediately labeled as undatable, but she is determined to find a date to accompany her to her best friend's wedding.

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From Dawn to Dusk with a stunning story

Posted by Planet Nation on 26 March 2017

Dusk is the latest short from the hugely talented Jake Graf and the second in the trilogy (the first being Dawn). Planet Nation is proud to have been supporting Jake for a few years now, and have been hotly anticipating this latest short, which did not disappoint.

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Review of The List by Jillian Armenante

Posted by L Devo Child on 16 March 2017

The List has a great premise. The List referred to is the one we all have of exceptional people we’re allowed to have a one-time sexual encounter with even though we are in a steady relationship.

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Interview with Emma Smart - lesbian programmer at BFI Flare

Posted by Planet Nation on 16 March 2017

BFI Flare is one of our favourite things on the calendar. I mean literally hundreds of women pretty much move into the Southbank for 10 days. In addition to this, there is a mass of lesbian film content available to watch. These two things are quite rare so when they come together, it is lesbian Christmas for sure!

We took a bit of time to find out more about one of the programmers, who has been with the festival for many, many years to find out about the festival behind the scenes. What happens outside the 10 day festival, how many films get entered. You know that kind of thing.

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Top 6 Lesbian Picks for BFI Flare 2017

Posted by VictoriaB on 16 February 2017

With so many films on offer it can be difficult to know where to begin. Even if you have seen our full list and detailed programme, you may only want to see one or two films and even narrowing that down can be a challenge... so this is our Top 6 picks:

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