A Star is Born

P3 Kids Fun Run

Posted by Planet Nation on 08 August 2017

Do your kids, nieces, nephews or little cousins get bored easily? Are you struggling to keep your little ones occupied and entertained? Or you are still looking for any fun outdoor events where they can make some good memories and friends? 

Join P3 in Victoria Park this August!

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P3 Video: Family is Love

Posted by Planet Nation on 02 February 2017

Watch real people (straight, gay, lesbian, bi & trans*) talk about family & parenthood and what a family means to them.

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The Alternative Parenting Show returns to London

Posted by Planet Nation on 10 August 2016

The Alternative Parenting Show showcases alternative ways to start a family including single parent by choice, co-parents, LGBT parents, fostering & adoption and surrogacy.

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Pride Angel Journey - Food

Posted by PrideAngel on 12 April 2016

With babies, food is simple: it’s just very messy. We did baby-led-weaning which means avoiding spooning mush into them and pretty much letting them feed themselves with whatever we happened to be making for ourselves that meal. They fed themselves, their bibs, their chairs, the table, the floor and anything within a 2-metre radius. Messy

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Funded fertility treatment for lesbian couples near impossible in Northern Ireland

Posted by PrideAngel on 27 March 2016

A lesbian couple who cannot get free fertility treatment claim they are being indirectly discriminated against because of their sexuality.

The women were initially told by health professionals they could be treated by the National Health Service (NHS). But they were "devastated" when that changed.

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Pride Angel Journey - Digger working mummy!

Posted by PrideAngel on 13 March 2016

A burst of excitement inside me. A transporter carrying a tractor! And then I remember that I’m driving to work, alone. A wasted sighting and, quite frankly, a wasted transporter and tractor out on these commuter roads at 7.30am. The proper place for such vehicles is of course en route to toddler group or the park at around 9.30am. Along with the dustbin lorries, diggers and fire engines. Woe betides the heavy goods vehicle which has purposes other than the diversion of my small children.

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Buying fertility on the internet: fair play or risky business?

Posted by PrideAngel on 13 March 2016

However, there is a voice missing in this debate, and that is the experience of people who have actually done this themselves. As the chair of the debate, I feel strongly that the evening would do the topic a disservice unless someone whose life had been affected by ex-clinic donations was part of the conversation.

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Transgender kids are valid - Stop mocking them

Posted by Debbie Louise Cannon on 12 March 2016

Debbie, a transwoman with over 200 hours support worker experience, has her say on why transgender kids are valid - and why we need to allow them the freedom to explore who they are.

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Lesbian non-bio mum wins IVF daughter appeal

Posted by PrideAngel on 07 February 2016

A lesbian woman battling with her ex-partner for the return of her IVF-born daughter from Pakistan has been given hope by a Supreme Court ruling. The girl’s biological mother and sole legal parent took her out of the UK in 2014, three years after their relationship ended

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