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Different for Girls Interview: Victoria Broom (Fran)

Posted by Femmepreneur on 14 May 2017

Planet Nation got to dig deep with actress and Diva award-winner Victoria Broom, who plays Fran in the hot new lesbian web series, Different for Girls. We talk to her about her character, playing blue aliens, love and more!

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Spectrum London puts queer people of colour centre stage

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 06 May 2017

Spectrum London stars several transgender actors in trans roles, and a largely queer and LGBTQ cast and production team. The series' unique story lines aim to give a voice to often under-represented members of the LGBTQ community, whilst attempting to 'normalise' rather than sensationalise the queer lifestyle. Much of the writing is inspired by the real life experiences of Spectrum's lead Trans actors, Jake Graf, Mzz Kimberley and Naechane Valentino.

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Different for Girls review

Posted by Femmepreneur on 16 March 2017

As one of the most eagerly anticipated offerings at the BFI Flare LGBT Film Festival 2017, I admit to jumping at the chance to review this new lesbilicious web series. 

Like many, I’m tired of lesbian tropes in mainstream TV. And with the likes of Guinevere Turner (Go Fish) and Rachel Shelley (The L Word) among an impressive cast list, I’ve not wanted to see a show so much since OITNB.

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Quality Lesbian Content - no problem!

Posted by VictoriaB on 11 February 2016

With mainstream television only portraying a small proportion of our gay lives; it isn't surprising that we want something more. Programmes on television are increasingly including LGBT characters, but we see their interaction with the mainstream world, which only represents a small proportion of our real lives.

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What's it like being Transgender?

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 07 December 2015

Being true to yourself is essential in being healthy and happy... so we're delighted to see this new video "What it's like being Transgender" talking openly and breaking down walls on the subject.

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Documentary Rebel Dykes coming soon!

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 30 November 2015

Before there were Riot Grrls, before there were Queer Activists, there were the Rebel Dykes who lived in  London in the 1980s;  the world has never been quite the same since.

A feature length documentary is in production which will tell their story. 

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#ShesInLondon - Lauren on Hana (and Hana on everyone else... )

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 23 October 2015

Lauren gets steamy talking about Hana and her suitcase...

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#She's in London...introducing Kerry Leigh as JILL

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 23 October 2015

The lowdown on behind the scenes gossip from Kerry Leigh (Jill).

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Posted by Ultimate Planet on 13 October 2015

Clare Hopes gets into the hotseat with our exclusive Q&A... plus some on camera interviews from Clare and her #ShesInLondon alter ego MEL

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#ShesInLondon... introducing THEO

Posted by Ultimate Planet on 27 September 2015

MIRI gets into the hotseat with our exclusive Q&A... plus some on camera interviews from MIRI and her #ShesInLondon alter ego THEO

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