Spectrum London puts queer people of colour centre stage

Spectrum London stars several transgender actors in trans roles, and a largely queer and LGBTQ cast and production team. The series' unique story lines aim to give a voice to often under-represented members of the LGBTQ community, whilst attempting to 'normalise' rather than sensationalise the queer lifestyle. Much of the writing is inspired by the real life experiences of Spectrum's lead Trans actors, Jake Graf, Mzz Kimberley and Naechane Valentino.

I was invited along to the press screening of this web series and got to experience first-hand the family that this production has created. The atmosphere was vibrant, positive and so supportive and I was excited to watch this series and find out whether it would tweak my interest.

I needn't have worried - I mean knowing that Campbell X (director) and Jake Graf (writer) were involved I was pretty confident this would be high quality, interesting and relevant.

We have been treated to a number of web series recently in the UK, including She's in London, Different for Girls and As We Are. Spectrum London offers something completely different. It gives insight into a queer London that a small segment will understand. It puts people of colour in central storylines and it also shows LGBT life in London outside of the more mainstream, visible scene. You get to see the influence of gangs, broken families, drugs, as well as a bit of mafia who seem to be financing the Soho scene! 

Sam and Jaks in Spectrum LondonMy favourites were absolutely Jaks (played by Sade Giliberti) and Sam (played by Heidi Carmichael). The storyline was strong and the relationship was intriguing and genuine. It was a delight to see the balance of personalities in this relationship - and also how they interchanged when taking drugs...

I can't wait for season 2 to see where their relationship goes next!

Spectrum London follows 8 characters whose stories and lives all intertwine - very much like the LGBT community where six degrees of separation is more like 2!!

I also liked Mzzz Kimberley who played a drag queen on the scene and is also the mum of Shaun who gets a job in the bar to earn some money to support his pregnant girlfriend - whilst also trying to escape from a gang. From the outset you can tell she is one feisty lady, but as the story develops you learn that perhaps there is more behind her actions than what it first seems.

Another storyline that I found particularly interesting that I wanted to see more of was the challenge of a family made up of two women and two children and the requirement to adopt the children in order for the second mother to have rights over those children. The 

Spectrum London cast


Spectrum London is a new groundbreaking UK Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer (LGBTQ) drama web series created &
produced by award winning Producer Monica Y. Dee & award winning writer Jake Graf, Episode 1 being co-written by Monica Y. Dee & Jake Graf.

Spectrum London is an ensemble piece performed by a diverse group of actors from the London LGBTQ community. The drama interweaves the characters’ stories & everyday lives to show their highs, lows, loves & challenges to bring to the audience experiences which transcend gender, sexual orientation & ethnicity.