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New EP 'Slow Down' from Lots Holloway

Posted by Planet Nation on 16 October 2017

Following the recent synth-driven single ‘Stay A Little Longer’, Lots returns to a more organic, contemplative style on title track and lead single Slow Down’“It’s a song about being present in every moment; about not rushing or wishing your life away,” explains Lots. “The only time we have is now, and you’ll miss it when it’s gone.”

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Music Review - One Take by N Chyx

Posted by Planet Nation on 22 September 2017

We were delighted when we heard that N Chyx had produced a track that was going to be used in several mental health campaigns. Firstly because it is a very important topic that finally seems to be getting the airspace needed to destigmatise it to encourage people to seek help rather than feel ashamed, but also because it is showcasing another talented LBQ woman in our community!

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Sian Evans playlist on Spotify

Posted by Planet Nation on 14 May 2017

The definitive Sian Evans playlist as featured on Planet Nation, including her bigs hits with Kosheen together with her subsequent solo material so far. Thank you to MC Wild Kingdom for currating this playlist.

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Interview with Sian Evans

Posted by Planet Nation on 14 May 2017

Sian Evans has recently been announced as the headline artist for the 2017 L Fest in Loughborough. Sian was the front woman and singer-songwriter of the band Kosheen. She is now performing as a soloist and is currently in the recording studio. We caught up with her to find out more.

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Ride of Your Life by JOANovARC

Posted by sofiab on 27 November 2016

JOANovARC have been hard at work on their newest album “Ride Of Your Life,” since hitting the ground running in 2015, when they initially entered the music scene. The high energy, all female rock band, brought me back to my days at Berklee College of Music, where women rock ’n’ rollers weren’t exactly scarce, but very much treasured.

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Restless Dreamland review

Posted by Planet Nation on 22 November 2016

"Each song is kind of about loneliness, some in a good way some in a bad way - but the album name sort of sums up that time just before you go to sleep and you have loads of stuff on your mind and then a dream muddles them all together"

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Christine and the Queens

Posted by SunrayHughes on 08 November 2016

Quirky, sexy, French completely tilted. The embodiment of a performer, she lays her naked soul out for you to devour. She dances like a demon, her queens beside her dancing their butts off.

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The soulful voice of Sofia B

Posted by Planet Nation on 31 October 2016

Sofia B is a London-based artist who has been increasingly visible on the music scene in London over the last year. If you haven't already managed to catch Sofia B on the Pride in London stage, I highly recommend you check out her next gig. We popped along to her recent gig at the GreenNote to see how her music is progressing.

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Dear You is something everyone should see

Posted by Planet Nation on 08 September 2016

Dear You, the next single from Lucy Spraggan - but this latest track is something special. Not only is it an extremely powerful track with an equally powerful video but it carries a very strong message. Check out the video here:

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Saffron and Mel to play at L Fest

Posted by Planet Nation on 25 March 2016

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Heather Peace as headline at L Fest 2016 - today another announcement that sees Saffron, the lead singer of Republica, headline the main stage on Saturday July 16th.

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Sofia B

Posted by Planet Nation on 13 March 2016

I caught up with Sofia B at SHE Bar in Soho to find out more about London-based artist. Sofia B talked openly about her time in New York, her time in London and her interest in supporting and highlight Crohn’s disease. Sofia clearly loves her music.

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Heather Peace to headline L Fest 2016

Posted by Planet Nation on 29 February 2016

As 2016 rolls along, L Fest has started to announce the plans for 2016... and they've started by announcing their headline act... Heather Peace will headline the festival closing the music stage on Sunday 17th July 2016. 

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Lucy's Coming Home - Lucy Spraggan Acoustic Tour and Home EP review

Posted by Editor on 28 February 2016

And then Spraggan takes the stage, owning the space entirely in this stripped back solo affair. A loud applause welcomes the start of an emotional and nuanced, intimate set.

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Here at a Distance by Casee Wilson

Posted by Melinda Paradis on 07 December 2015

“Here At A Distance” , is a contemporary musical gem

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Introducing Rachael Sage

Posted by Planet Nation on 12 November 2015

Rachael Sage's vibrant new video for her song "Coloring Book" features her own original paintings and highlights her passion for all things colorful, illuminating her creative process as both a musician and a visual artist from a child's playful perspective.

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No beating around the Bush

Posted by Editor on 05 November 2015

Joined by a full band, Horse's songs filled the iconic Bush Hall venue for a crowd-pleasing evening of musical entertainment

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L-Fest Interviews, Back Stage with Beth Prior

Posted by Yazy Tauk on 30 July 2015

The exceptional and talented Beth Prior had a chat with me after her set at L-Fest. It was a heartleft and honest interview. Check it out below. 

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L-Fest Interviews. Backstage with the beautiful Jes Stretton

Posted by Yazy Tauk on 29 July 2015

I caught up with Jes Stretton at L-Fest after she played her set, here’s our interview!

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L Fest 2015: Interview with The Tuts

Posted by AnnaHur on 23 July 2015

The Tuts are wonderful performers, please, go see them perform live and definitely buy their new CD!

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L Fest 2015: Interview with ME and Deboe

Posted by AnnaHur on 23 July 2015

ME and Deboe, an acoustic duo, sharp, feminine, with a distinctive rock & roll vibe to them - crisp and professional.

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