Fall of Duty at Brighton Fringe

Fall of Duty is showing in Brighton as part of Brighton Fringe 2017 at The Lantern @ Sweet Waterfront 2 on 8-14 May at 17:10.

Tickets are £8 (£6 conc).The show is 1 hour in length.

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Fall of Duty at Brighton Fringe

Fall of duty wasn't what I'd expected, it was possibly better. Despite it being a Sunday, my partner and I were captivated for an hour by the 2 actors.

We have the mother, Sue, trying to put on a show to tell the war time story of 2 entertainers; Elsie and Gilbert the Filbert. Then we had the stereotypical spoilt Southern child. Her 20 year old unemployed, smoking, drinking son, Jack; who she tries to motivate to perform in her show.

Fall of Duty at Brighton FringeThe show struck a balance between reminiscing on war time tales and then bouncing back to the modern mother / son dynamic with a bit of humour thrown in. When Jack is skeptical about war time escapism, Sue retorts: "Escapism - they'd seem horrors and their friends being blown up. What are you running away from? The washing up?? ". Quite true for many millennial young men, at one point Jack retorts.

"Gilbert the filbert, the nut with a K. That's me at a festival - the nut with a k". He also jokes with his mother about her love of all things lesbianism and his laddish love of beer.

Event Description

1916. An actor falls from the sky in Northern France. A hundred years on, can Sue and her son Jack, 20, escape political turmoil and an addiction to infinite warfare? Four people thrust together by war, song, reality, and escapism, but pulled apart by a century. 

The true story of Basil Hallam and Forces’ sweetheart, lesbian, Elsie Janis, recreating ‘Gilbert the Filbert the Knut with the ‘k’’. 

Nominated for Best LGBTQ+ Show Brighton Fringe 2016 for ‘Deep in The Heart of Me’, “incredibly enjoyable, endearing, utterly believable” (Arts Award Voice), "The sweetest of Fringe treats" (Fringe Guru).

Modern times vs war times. If and when they show it again, I'd recommend booking your seat early.