Jolly good show (oh yes it is!)

Tonight we joined Belle, Sharia Law, and a bunch of cheesy pouffs at the preview of the RVT panto 'The Comatose Beauty'.

As we've come to expect from previous years, the topical and cynical drag panto humoured a mixed audience.

BelleThe play on amateurism of the RVT panto - forgotten words, missed time one liners, hummed songs and broken heels have you laughing just as much as the well delivered scripted lines and all the ad libbing.

Although November, we enjoyed singing along to a medley of Christmas carols which opened the second act and from there things took a turn towards the filthy involving roller skates, a grassy knoll and a humping prince. Somewhere along the way Belle became Kimberley (pantomime continuity at its best).
Like all good (and not so good) pantos, good eventually triumphed over evil, ghosts came out to play, and the heroine found true love.
PantoFor tranny panto at its best and worst (in a good way), we recommend The Comatose Beauty. Certainly not a family event!! We especially liked the Lady Mayoress of Vauxhall rocking the Christmas to the bossa nova, and the bonus 'magic tricks'.

The RVT Panto 'The Comatose Beauty' is on in December Wed 12, Thu 13, Wed 19, Thu 20, Thu 27 and Fri 28 December. Tickets £10 or meal and show with reserved seating for £25. Arrive early for the best seats!