Milk Presents... Joan

Joan is on fire and certainly no drag - this play is too hot to miss!

Joan is one woman play about historical figure Joan of Arc - but like any historical play you will have ever seen before...

What happens when you combine a historical plot of sieges between France and England with a talented actor and drag king... this is in no way a drag to your evening.

Joan plays with history, gender, comedy and song and produces a wide range of emotions from comedy to despair and everything in between.

The interesting set laid out in the middle of the room,  with the stage as a cross; and the audience surrounding gives a real sense of participation - and that is before you even start to get involved!

This genius writing allows for audience participation throughout, and you are quickly drawn into Joan's world as you are led through her journey of exploration of who she is and what she believes. If history at school was delivered in this way you'd pay a lot more attention and understand it a lot better!

Whether you have an interest in gender fluidity, drag, feminism, higher beings or historical re-enactments - this play has it all!

The costume changes are quick, and entertaining (they'd need to be as they take place on stage and are part of the performance) - and each costume introduces a key character in Joan's rise to higher things.

Joan as King CharlesI don't think I've ever seen King Charles represented in a glittery gold jacket and cap - and I doubt I ever will again - however with the accompanied musician number it just worked and was thoroughly entertaining.

Fans of LoUis CYfer will see small glimpses in the performance from time to time and will also be exposed to a new and equally entertaining side of the talented performer that is Lucy Parkinson.

Joan is on at OvalHouse Theatre until 22 April and is definitely not to be missed!

5 star theatre review on Planet NationAn earthy story of courage, conviction and hope, this is Joan of Arc. Performed by drag king champion Lucy Jane Parkinson, history’s greatest gender-warrior takes to the stage, dragging up as the men she defies in this smash-hit show.

JOAN fuses lyrical new writing with quick wit and cabaret prowess, performed by drag king champion Lucy Jane Parkinson, aka LoUis CYfer (WINNER Drag Idol 2014), and written by Milk Presents co-director Lucy J Skilbeck (BBC Legacy Fund recipient).

What happens when a disguise soon becomes something a lot more real and you have to fight for who you really are? Milk Presents bring you a fearless new show about what it means to stand out, stand up and stand alone.

  • Tue 11 April to Sat 22 Apr, 7:30pm


  • FULL: £14

VENUE: DOWNSTAIRS(ground floor)