Nicole Henriksen: Techno Glitter Penguins at Brighton Fringe

Nicole Henriksen: Techno Glitter Penguins is the latest stand-up performance from comedian Nicole Hendriksen. It is showing in Brighton as part of Brighton Fringe 2017 at The Marlborough on 6 May at 19:30 and 12 May 22:15.

Tickets are £9.50 (£7.50 donations) The show is 1 hour in length.

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Nicole Henriksen banner

Nicole Henriksen greeted each person as they arrived - you could immediately tell that she was full of beans and positive energy.

Big Yellow Button singing on stageNicole Henriksen on stage

The premise of the performance is Nicole Henriksen and her stand up comedy show which focuses on gender, stereotypes, patriocal society and general craziness.
Alongside Nicole, we are also entertained by her two guests: Big Yellow Button who is an actor and singer, and NK who thinks that she is Jesus.

This performance is certainly high energy; and includes some comedy video and musical support for added effect - but equally Nicole provides her own musical interlude to great effect. From crazy songs to re-written jokes and impressions - this show has it all.

My favourite part was the semen (not a typo!) with garlic bread halo - although I have to admit it is a little hazy as we were hypnotised at the time. ;)

Techno glitter penguins flyerShow Description

Award-nominated alternative Australian comedian, Nicole Henriksen, makes her Brighton debut with 'Techno Glitter Penguins', a fresh serving of her trademark high-energy, pro-femme, absurd, comedy goodness.

It's an all over body experience that will enrich your soul, bring new meaning to your life, and leave you thinking "that's something you only see at Fringe!" 

You're welcome.

About Nicole

My name's Nicole Henriksen, I tell jokes sometimes, get serious sometimes, and dress amazing all the time.  

I'm something of a super-talented multi-artist. So feel free to be impressed. Much thanks.
I started performing stand up in 2011, in Sydney, Australia; and in 2017, I'll be continue to tour two very different shows. Techno Glitter Penguins is my fifth delightfully weird alternative comedy show, and will be joined by Makin' It Rain which is my theatre debut, about my time as a stripper.