Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin at Brighton Fringe

Sexual Fears of a Mordern Day Virgin is showing in Brighton as part of Brighton Fringe 2017 at The Lantern @ ACT, 8-10 Rock Place, BN2 1PF on 1, 2 and 3 June at 22:00.

Tickets are £8.The show is 1 hour in length.

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Sexual Fears of a Modern Day VirginLaughing about our sexual fears and frustrations is a great way to engage any audience especially with queer material at Brighton Fringe. Rant n’Raves production deals with the sensitive subject of the first time, for the second time or even no time.

The pressure of sexual conforming has the power to undermine any relationship, but conforming to whose standard? Why is your partner's orgasm so important to you, coming out in all its forms and is sexual exploration necessary, are just some of the heavy ideas that are dealt with a light touch from the five actors who never leave the stage.

The lesbian who has never been with a lesbian, the woman who has only had sex as a man and the frustrated artist, all had something that I could relate to at some point in my life. There were similar situations and even conversations that struck a humorous but also personal chord.

Just the general relationship human awkwardness is dealt with skillfully and lightly, which any demographic, not just LGBTQ, can relate to. Love and pain are universal and I wish these conversations about sex and gender were raised when I was younger and needed them. This play reaches out to youth groups questioning their identity and will help them to explore it.

Sexual Fears of a Modern Day Virgin

Event Description

Kids these days! No one knows what they’re up to. Well, we do and we’re willing to let you in on the secret. What if I told you that you know nothing about sex? You don’t even know what a virgin is. Would you believe me? We have two couples, one singleton, and 50 minutes to show you how. Let us guide you through the cheeky, romantic and eventful lives of our five characters as they lose their virginities - for the second time.