Theatre Review: Scene at Camden People's Theatre

I saw the performance of Scene with another Iranian friend of mine. What was interesting is that we both believed in different endings... these stories always fascinate me as they leave different impressions on people, and this difference in opinion on the ending was a great example of this.

This play is about how a loving inter-racial couples navigates around having the difficult discussions around race.

As a woman of colour who has predominantly dated white woman, there were parts that I could relate to... but what was interesting is the fact that I found myself cringing at several points in the play, and thinking to myself "well that relationship is over" , which is probably something I would have done if I was in the same situation - but these girls stuck it out. They sat with those difficult feelings and situations and still have each other a chance to win each other’s hearts.... 

Does this mean that perhaps we as metropolitan individuals and in general our society have become so uncomfortable regarding race discussions and personal experiences, that we would rather end discussions, relationships and friendships, rather that talking it through, get uncomfortable, feel like you may be crossing a boundary, but be honest about our feelings...?!

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I found it very relevant to my dating experience as a queer person of colour, living in any multicultural cities like Toronto, New York or London.

The show is an eye opener to the struggles that any inter-racial relationship faces, even between themselves. Making a point that we can’t be too quick to judge or generalise the dynamic and experiences of those individuals.

I would definitely recommend watching this play to anyone who isn’t oblivious to racial biases that exist all around us which definitely effect some people in their day to day lives... because if its so difficult for two lovers to talk about, then how is everyone else talking about it?! 

Play Synopsis

Two women decide to write a play about their interracial queer relationship.

Set in present-day London, SCENE follows Ayo and Flo as they write and rewrite their own history, negotiating and exploring the ways in which their relationship has been shaped by racism and homophobia.

Funny, honest and explosively entertaining, this piece of new writing is an exploration of guilt, trust and how race, gender, sexuality and family affect who and how we love.

About Black Girl / White Girl Theatre Company

Black Girl / White Girl was founded in 2017 and aims to support and promote intersectional theatre, with a key focus on BME and LGBTQ+ issues and female and non- binary creatives. SCENE by Lola Olufemi and Martha Krish is its first long-term project.

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Performances: Tue 10 - Sat 14 April at 7:15pm (2:30pm Saturday matinee)

Tickets: £12/10 (conc.)