Theatre Review: XPOSED

Full Disclosure Theatre curated a masterpiece XPOSED, at the Hen and Chickens Theatre. It’s a new writing night featuring eight short plays by eight emerging writers, revealing the naked and entertaining truths about queer life.

We gave XPOSED a 4 star review:

"Excellent diverse and interesting stories showcasing great new talent."


With eight plays, there was a lot to cover, so we picked our favourite two to give more detailed reviews, which will hopefully give you a taster of what XPOSED to offer and leave you wanting more. If you like what you read, we have good news as Full Disclosure are planning to run a second XPOSED in early 2018.

One Night Fran, part of XPOSED Gold Star, part of XPOSED

Overall the performances were all quite different and provided interesting views of the diverse community which is made of up LGBT+ people. Different ages, locations, cultural upbringings, identification – this selection of performances was well put together and offered balance and contrast in equal measure.

One Night Fran

One Night FranThis was the final performance of the first half and was worth the wait. The story features 3 women who all go on a date with a woman called Fran. It was an interesting set up because we never see or meet Fran, instead we get to hear of the dates from each of the women through monologues that interact between each other.

I like how this performance shows that as women, we experience and understand other women in very different ways to each other, and this goes to show how you should make up your own minds about women rather than listening to friends and exes – very good advice in a community where there are very few degrees of separation!!

This play was beautifully written and was performed in an equally beautiful way. I’d love to know what happened to Fran, and if these women found someone special… definitely room to extend into a longer piece.

Written by Adam Szudrich, Directed by Sepy Baghaei (@Sepy_b), Performed by Olivia Davies (@olivia_actor), Reena Lalbihari (@MissLalbihari) and Tori Louis.

Gold Star

Gold Star - photo by Edwina StroblGold Star was part of the second half and was an interesting story following two women on a first date. The writing was brave, covering the ever-controversial subject of biphobia. The script certainly sounded familiar with comments I all too often hear within the community and it was good to have these given some limelight.

I liked how this interaction showed that women like to have challenging and engaging discussions; I’m sure some people would have put in their ‘emergency call’ to end the date early but it was somewhat encouraging that this pair stayed the course and discussed the topic; showing hopefully the ability to listen, learn and become more open to understanding that different women have different outlooks on life – but that is ok. 

A very well written, and well-performed piece that was very enjoyable.

Written by Roisin Moriarty (@RoisinTM), Directed by Will Maynard, Performed by Roseanna Frascona (@rosiefrascona) and Beth Eyre (@BethEyre)

The full programme

4 star theatre review of XPOSED on Planet Nation


Now everyone’s equal and everyone’s the same. But some of us don’t want to be the same. What happens in a post-gay world when sexuality becomes fluid?


A conversation between two universe-crossed lovers who’ve never met, brought closer by the stars that surround them both.

The Scene

This trip to Bangkok won’t be forgotten any time soon. A tale about what happens when you mix love, sex and alcohol.

One Night Fran

When three women go on separate dates with Fran, they see the same things in very different ways.

Something About Billy

Michelle has something to tell Kevin about their son Billy. A comedy about coming out to a traditional, working class family.

Gold Star

To some squishy bits are irrelevant. To others they’re all that matter. A primary school teacher gives her date a light-hearted lesson in acceptance.

The Temp

Russell becomes infatuated with office newcomer Tom – he just hasn’t told his wife. A weekend away at a conference offers Russell the chance to confront who he is.

Pray Your Wings Will Carry You

A chance encounter in a gay bar becomes an examination of the roles we play in sex and love.

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