Theatre Review: Xposed at Southwark Playhouse

Full Disclosure Theatre curated a second masterpiece called XPOSED, hot on the heels of their debut in November 2017 at the Hen and Chickens Theatre - the second production has quickly evolved and expanded to a performance at Southwark Playhouse, which was a sell out. XPOSED is a new writing night featuring eight short plays by eight emerging writers, revealing the naked and entertaining truths about queer life from new production company, Full Disclosure Theatre.

We gave XPOSED a 4 star review:

"So refreshing to see such diversity of stories including under-represented minorities, as well as showcasing excellent short stories that often get overlooked."

With eight truly diverse and unique plays, there was a lot to cover, so as with our previous review, we picked our favourite two to give more detailed reviews, which will hopefully give you a taster of what XPOSED to offer and leave you wanting more.

In Need by Ben SantaMaria | Directed by Kennedy Bloomer
A woman lets a stranger seek shelter in her house late at night. As the two women talk, tensions rise and connections spark, challenging them both.

Xposed - In Need (photos by Christina Bulford)This performance was one that I think is particularly relevant in modern London. A stranger from the poorer side of the estate knocks on the door of a woman in the new building seeking refuge from a violent partner.

As the two open up, they learn a little about each other, and it is interesting to see how the interaction develops and how both make assumptions based on the information they learn about each other; including the sexuality of one of the ladies.

Here and Now by Tanaka Mhishi | Directed by Law Ballard
A bi girl talks about love and bugs, and reminds us why it’s important that we got here...with a little help from her exes.

Xposed - Here and Now (photos by Christina Bulford)This was such a powerful performance and I was enthralled. It was extremely powerful as the actor performed this emotional, powerful, exceptional story of the experiences she has been through with past loves.

She shared stories of broken hearts, a night with a one night stand (who turned out to be straight and freaking out - but of course wanted to repeat the event!) and also the not so pleasant experiences - but that all have led to who she is, and where she is right now. She survived, she lives and she is present. 

Slow Dating by Adam Szudrich | Directed by Eleanor Felton
When an elderly lady tries speed dating, it leads to a night with a stranger and a heartbreaking decision about her husband.

Xposed - Slow Dating (photos by Christina Bulford)The description interested me, I wasn't sure what to expect - but I was intrigued because it is rare to see older women's stories on stage - and certainly not those that show them as still being sexual beings.

It even featured a great chat up line, which I just have to share! "Do you believe in fair? Because you've had that body your whole life. It is only fair that I have it for one night."

Not only did this story show us that women still have desires as they reach their prime, but also how complex life can become. Enlightening, inspiring and also a little sad. I really enjoyed this performance, the story it tells about love, lonliness, desires and new experiences. 

As If We Just Held Hands by Ian Townsend | Directed by Chris Davis
It’s the candlelit vigil at Manchester Pride. Teenager Kim meets her first ‘someone special’ and hopes her Uncle Steve doesn’t mess things up. Includes hand holding.

4 star theatre review of XposedThe final performance was probably my favourite. I think because it represented the modern day lesbian - a young woman experiencing her first vigil. She is out, she is proud and she is experiencing her community - along with her camp, gay uncle!

Featuring a certain innocence, I think it made me think back to my early days when I realised that I liked woman, and how electrical it was to think about what this offered. When the whole world is ahead of you and you've realised who you are.


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Artistic Directors Chris Davis and Sam Luffman

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