All the World's a Stage

Princess the Show hits every note!

Posted by Planet Nation on 22 November 2016

Princess the Show is an energetic, musical performance that takes you on a real journey through modern fairytale Disney and feminism. It has an amazing 80s soundtrack and was full on from start to finish - the actors really had some stamina!

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New lesbian theatre with Her Aching Heart

Posted by Planet Nation on 15 November 2016

The Hope Theatre Will Revive Bryony Lavery’s Hilarious Mills and Boon Pastiche 'HER ACHING HEART' feat. Original Music in a 25th Anniversary in-House Production.

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Who wants to be a princess?

Posted by Planet Nation on 13 November 2016

The Princess Show is a show of acceptance, accepting yourself, and loving who you are without needing the approval of others, something that really rings true with me not just in my personal life as a lesbian woman, but in my professional career. 

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Wanting more from the eminent Rose Collis

Posted by Planet Nation on 20 September 2016

Exquisite, moving and historical - the latest one woman play from Rose Collis does not disappoint 

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New Theatre: Wanting the Moon by Rose Collis

Posted by Planet Nation on 08 September 2016

After four sell-out previews in Brighton, Arundel and Hove earlier this year, Rose Collis is taking her new one-woman play Wanting the Moon to the award-winning London venue Bread & Roses for six performances in September.

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Victorian and Gay - Theatre Review

Posted by Sarah Lavender on 20 December 2015

Victorian and gay, an Another Soup production brings good natured Christmas cheer to whatever times one could be living this holiday season.

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Crushing on Crush

Posted by Editor on 30 September 2015

Cracking jolly good fun

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Tipping the Velvet comes home to the stage

Posted by Planet Nation on 31 August 2015

Sally Messham and Laura Rogers, are to star as Nancy ‘Nan’ Astley and Kitty Butler in Laura Wade’s electrifying new adaptation of Sarah Waters’ bestselling novel, Tipping The Velvet, directed by Lyndsey Turner. Kirsty Besterman, David Cardy, Amanda Hadingue, Adelle Leonce and Andy Rush will join them.

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Theatre review: Miss Leading Ladies

Posted by Christabel on 15 August 2015

It’s Friday evening and I am heading to St James Theatre. Tonight I’m excited because I am watching Miss-Leading ladies; a musical tribute featuring talented siblings Ria Jones and Ceri Dupree. It is a celebration of stage and screen’s most iconic women; from Julie Andrews to Ethel Merman via a little Doris Day and Marlene Dietrich for good measure.

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Miss-leading Ladies

Posted by Planet Nation on 23 June 2015

Ria Jones and Ceri Dupree star in this stunning celebration of some of the greatest grande dames of stage and screen, adding their own unique family twist. From Ethel Merman to Doris Day, Marlene Dietrich to Danny La Rue, to name a few

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'Not Wanted On Voyage' - the struggles of being out in the media then and now

Posted by Editor on 01 March 2015

A special read through of Rose Collis' new play based on an imagined scenario of a real voyage of two of the tabloid A-listers of their day.

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All the nice girls...

Posted by Planet Nation on 10 February 2015

'All The Nice Girls' is currently on tour visiting small venues and community groups and playing at Arts Festivals. It's an entertaining, nostalgic  show about the Music Hall and Revue, looking at the careers of Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney through the eyes of male impersonator Ella Shields.

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New York the new London?

Posted by Planet Nation on 14 November 2014

The similarities for the West End and for Broadway affect how difficult it is to run a successful LGBT play, as new plays in either city struggle to make a profit.  Costs are incredibly high for the production of a new play, and the success of a few plays are outside of the norm. Producers are unwilling to risk a new Broadway or West End play if they expect that the audience will not cover a wide enough market segment.

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Breeders @ St James Theatre

Posted by Editor on 03 September 2014

Bringing together wit, farce, musical comedy, a nostalgia for Swedish covers of 80s pop classics (and an Ikea showroom style set), Ockrent'sBreeders excels as an exemplar of new writing in all elements - theme, characterisation and dialogue that exposes the true awkwardness that can find itself in moments of intimate or familial relationships.

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