All the World's a Stage

Interview: Jemima Rooper

Posted by Editor on 30 August 2014

Jemima Rooper is set to star as Sharon in new play Breeders, written by Ben Ockrent, directed by Tamara Harvey, from 3 September - 4 October at the St James Theatre. Angela Griffin and Tamsin Outhwaite also star.

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Othello at CLF Cafe

Posted by Editor on 14 August 2014

At the heart of the play is the underlying human frailty that suffers in the hands of discrimination and personal insecurity.

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Is Monogamy Dead? Rosie Wilby @ Canada Water Culture Space

Posted by Editor on 01 March 2014

Disgruntled serial monogamist Rosie Wilby presents a loose sequel to her Fringe Report Award winning show The Science Of Sex.

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Rose Collis' Trouser Wearing Characters (for LGBT History Month)

Posted by Editor on 06 February 2014

Hosted by Rainbow Hamlets as part of their new cultural programme, and of course in support of #LGBTHM, Rose Collis takes us on a biographical tour performance of 4 'trouser wearing characters'.

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Bah-Humbug - the uncelebration of what's wrong with Christmas (VG Lee & Rose Collis)

Posted by Editor on 17 December 2013

Rose Collis opened with her banjo and stories of gender bending christmases past, with plenty of dramatic dyke-ness in a style not unlike that of "grumpy old women" but more interesting and funnier. For example, did you know that christmas cards were invented by the man who invented the stamp. Capitalism at its best. And over 1.8bn cards are send each year in the UK. 

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Halbwelt Kultur: entertaining queers then and now

Posted by Editor on 28 November 2013

A unique production and narrative exploring an important and often invisible cultural period of pre-Nazi Berlin.

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From Russia with Love

Posted by Planet Nation on 13 October 2013

A one-off theatre show raising money for groups combating homophobia in Russia. When Jennifer Lunn, Artistic Director of Culturcated Theatre Company, had the idea for “From Russia For Love”, she had no idea whether anyone would be interested. “But we put the call out there, and suddenly, we were overwhelmed with people wanting to help and get involved”, said Jennifer. “The response has been just amazing”. 

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The Spring Tide

Posted by Editor on 06 September 2013

The staging was simple, a wall decorated to reflect a coastal view, created by A4 print outs of photos of the two main characters, and 5 wooden storage crates. Yet with this simple props (and the occasional addition of a bicycle) we were transported to a multitude of settings and times, all equally believable. 

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Helen Oakleigh - Sitcoms, Sappho & Shakespeare

Posted by Editor on 16 August 2013

Exciting new projects for actor Helen Oakleigh, including upcoming lesbian comic romp Sappho at the Lord Stanley in Camden.

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Hang on to Summer with "The Spring Tide" at Old Red Lion Theatre Islington

Posted by Planet Nation on 06 August 2013

More lesbian themed theatre for Londoners as the World Premiere of The Spring Tide, a modern day love story of transformation and hope takes place in September at London’s Old Red Lion Theatre in Islington.

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Rosie Wilby, Nineties woman: Revolution or Reloaded?

Posted by Editor on 03 July 2013

Rosie Wilby’s humour-filled Quest tale of attempted rediscovery of all that student anger and passion that swallowed us up whole at 19 and 20 offers a humble, nostalgic but not nauseating lens through which to peer back in time at our younger selves (especially those of us that were ‘activists’ and feminists in our glory days) and re-live what is was that fuelled us in our wonder years, and what formed us to the ‘grown ups’ we are today (or perhaps still aspire to be).

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The Darlings: Straight –Talking

Posted by Planet Nation on 21 May 2013

This weekend London’s lesbian community theatre troupe The Darlings, previously The Drill Hall Darlings, offered a one-off performance with some ‘Straight Talking’.  The show’s the six cast members recounted various stories, some personal others humorously fictional, throughout the hour-long performance.

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Vanessa and Virginia

Posted by Planet Nation on 21 April 2013

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Susan Sellers, Vanessa & Virginia, opens at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith following its European tour.

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Speed Twins at Riverside Studios (by Maureen Chadwick)

Posted by Editor on 09 April 2013

Using the passage towards death as a lens, and a "dyke heaven" as the setting, different aspects of being a lesbian through the 1900s compared with modern times are discussed, re-enacted, rejected and accepted by the core three characters, ably played by the 3 strong all female cast. Humour is paced well throughout, although the overuse of lesbian stereotypes was a little staid at time. For most of the play, we don't know (along with the characters) exactly where they are and why they are there. However, by the time of the big reveal, it has all begun to make sense.

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Freakoid (Ovalhouse)

Posted by Laura Alexander on 25 February 2013

Dear quiet unassuming Emma 4, we have all met her at some point in our life. A woman of a certain age who has lived a disappointing life which has left her, well, a tad neurotic and lets be honest we’ve all discounted her as a boring and pointless. However, in this whip-smart show Emma 4 is anything but. 

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