All the World's a Stage

Stop Kiss at Leicester Square Theatre

Posted by Editor on 20 February 2013

This timeless story, sadly still as relevant today as when it was first written in the late 90s, even in enlightened cities such as New York, tells the heart-warming heart-breaking tale of two women falling in love, exploring their lesbianism for the first time and dealing with the devastating consequences of homophobia.

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Lesbian portrayal in plays - death, drama, destruction but no happy ending

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 14 February 2013

Whilst a large amount of LGBT drama in theatres in London is something of a good thing and not something I want to see change (Desolate Heaven, Sour Lips, Stop Kiss, Freakoid and Love on Trial this month alone - we're quite literally spoilt for choice!); I have to admit that I would like to see more plays with a positive story, or at least a happy ending.

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Desolate Heaven

Posted by Editor on 08 February 2013

Introducing Carla Langley as Orlaith and Evelyn Lockley as Sive, two young carers bonding over their similar circumstances of being deserted by one parent and left to care for the infirm other.

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Ovalhouse Theatre: Sour Lips

Posted by Laura Alexander on 31 January 2013

With the start of the Arab Spring in December 2010 a new blogger captured the owrld's attention, Gay Girl In Damascus. Amina Arraf was a young American-Syrian woman whose had returned to Damascus with her family as they wanted to be part of building a new Syria. Her blogs were fiesty and a sweet mix of the universal, cultural specifics and politics. 

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Peta Pam by the Darlings

Posted by Editor on 07 December 2012

Karamel is a friendly, intimate venue. The evening's entertainment is complimented by the offer of a pre-show meal at the Karamel cafe. It is well worth taking up the offer to have a great menu choice, excellent food and fab value. (But do book your table in advance as it can get busy in there!)

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I Stand Corrected

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 04 December 2012

This poignant, emotional, relevant and topical performance had the whole audience enthralled from the very first moment.

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Jolly good show (oh yes it is!)

Posted by Planet Nation on 16 November 2012

Tonight we joined Belle, Sharia Law, and a bunch of cheesy pouffs at the preview of the RVT panto 'The Comatose Beauty'.

As we've come to expect from previous years, the topical and cynical drag panto humoured a mixed audience.

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Dark Room

Posted by Editor on 29 July 2012

The workshop leader became writer and director of the piece - devised through a number of character development sessions. It is refreshing to see a play that is organic, where the actors and the characters are the text and where several story lines from very different starting points can come together in a harmony.

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How (not) to make it britpop

Posted by Editor on 24 April 2012

The atmospheric Southwark Playhouse, with it's exposed brick-lined arches, dark moody ambiance and classic Blur pumping through the sound system wafting into the auditorium, was the perfect setting for this nostalgic trip that takes the audience winding gently back to the cultural oasis of the late 90s.

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The Lesbian in the Yellow Dress

Posted by Planet Nation on 29 February 2012

What is it about actors who play lesbian characters that makes us become immediate fans of them and claim them as part of the lesbian and bi women’s community? It doesn’t even seem to matter if the actor is gay themselves. Lip Service actor Fiona Button (“Tess”) is in a new play. And for the Theatre Company producing the play, Theatre503 it would seem that they want to make the most of the cache Fiona Button has developed with her lesbian and Lip Service fans.

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Drill Hall Darlings Panto - Miss Whittington & Her Cat

Posted by Editor on 16 December 2011

To summarise this panto: a country lesbian, Whit, moves to London with her cat, meets a girl and immediately falls in love. However there are challenges to overcome such as the girlfriend's allergy to Whit's pussy, a love triangle, a drug dealing villain and a permanently hungover fairy godmother. As you'd expect, it all works out in the end, via some random plotting, oh and there's lots of singing too.

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Only Amazon Knows I'm A Lesbian

Posted by Editor on 11 December 2011

If you’re a lesbian (especially in London), and you remember coming out, this one woman musical tells your story.

The joys of buying the L Word, reading the Whole lesbian sex Book, going organic, wanting to be in those lesbian TV shows, and your first Gingerbeer picnic, all told in a humorous and beautifully sung, part stand-up/part cabaret performance.

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Robyn Hood and the gender benders - RVT Panto

Posted by Naomi Bennett on 05 December 2011

We don’t want to give too much away because this panto really is worth a visit, although this is certainly not the panto to take your children (or parents) to – Robyn Hood is strictly for adults only!

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Taniwha Thames by Shaky Isles Theatre

Posted by Editor on 30 November 2011

I'm not going to spoil anything for you, suffice it to say I urge you to go and see this wonderful piece of theatre before it closes on Saturday.

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Margaret CHo - Cho Dependent

Posted by Editor on 13 October 2011

Not for the faint-hearted, Cho takes us on a comedy tour that is at some points close to the wire, covering subjects from abortion to cunnilingus, that constantly kept the audience laughing.

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