All the World's a Stage

The Killing of Sister George - the Arts Theatre

Posted by Editor on 07 October 2011

The Killing of Sister George explores roles - the ones we assume and the ones we can't helping falling back into when the mask drops, and the tension between the two.

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4 Poofs and a piano - Business as Usual

Posted by Planet Nation on 24 September 2011

Made famous by their stint on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross playing comedy dittos to the world famous guests, the band have also toured with Joan Collins and had sell out shows during the more recent Edinburgh festivals. 

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Property of Sand - a monologue by Eve Parmiter

Posted by Editor on 13 September 2011

Property of Sand, a one woman show, makes perfect use of the post modern space. A monologue, well semi-conversation with the audience takes us through the nameless protagonists past and present to the suffering of a harrowing moment.

Eve makes excellent incorporation of props, lights, sound and movement to bring the conversation alive. The play is her short story, touching the surface of relevant moments to bring the audience with the character to the emotional climax, and then drops the audience there.

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Drill Hall Darlings... a Darling of a show

Posted by Editor on 31 July 2011

This was the second Drill Hall Darlings performance we'd attended (myself and Naomi), having previously been to a Christmas play. It was good to see some new Darlings have joined the group expanding the age range and diversifying the group. 


The Drill Hall Darlings always welcome new members so if you are thinking you'd like a go at some amateur dramatics, why not get in contact with them.

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The Children's Hour

Posted by Editor on 14 April 2011

A lot has been made of the performance of the Lynch-pin character, Mary, outshining Knightley and Moss. Easy to do when the character allows for a show stealing turn, but what was most important was the juxtaposition of a poisonous, selfish child to two hard working good women. The subtlety of the under played teachers was what impressed me.  

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