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Event Review: DIVA After Dark

It isn’t often that you see an over 25s event taking place in East London so when DIVA After Dark popped up I was at first a little unsure. I don’t see myself as young enough or trendy enough to spend time around Shoreditch and it certainly isn’t an area I will often go, however my friend was running the event so I wanted to support her, and as a new event, I also wanted to check it out for all the Planet Nation readers.

Pride in London is called to account by the Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board today released its post-event report on Pride in London. I have a mixture of emotions about it. I’m happy to see the experiences and feelings of many of the community expressed in writing, and it certainly completely confirms the experiences of all those who contacted me in frustration/upset/discontent in the run up to Pride; however I’m also sad. I love London, and I love Pride – but I love a Pride that is as diverse and inclusive as the LGBT community with which I feel a part of and this year I have never felt so distant from Pride.

Farewell to another lesbian icon - a lesson to us all?

Social media in the lesbian community is active this morning with the news of the closure of After Ellen.  The question is will we as a community learn from this and support our fellow LBQ women who support our visibility; or will we simply share status updates with unhappy emojis on social media and go back to the same old. I guess only time will tell.

The Rubbish Lesbian (aren't we all sometimes?)

A neat idea to bring together over 80 selected articles, from the popular column that appears regularly in DIVA magazine.

Is Print Dead? Long live the Internet

With the announcement of G3 Magazine publishing their last ever print magazine this month, we ask is print journalism still relevant for the lesbian and bi women community?

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