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Friends of The Joiners Arms Celebrates Winning Landmark Campaign

Tower Hamlets Council today granted a key victory to the Friends of the Joiners Arms campaign, insisting that developers must provide a late-license LGBTQ+ venue in plans that would otherwise see the iconic East End pub demolished without replacement. Councillors voted unanimously to commit developers to grant a 25 year lease for an LGBTQ+ venue, replicating the late operating hours of the original venue (The former opening times of the Joiners Arms were 4am on weekends, 3am Thursdays and Sundays, and 2am Monday to Wednesday), and insisting the GLA explore ways for “maintaining a local link to elected representatives, and to the LGBTQ+ community” in selecting an operator for the venue.

A strong, open and honest first step from London LGBT+ Community Pride

Tonight we were invited along to Heaven who were hosting the first open meeting by London LGBT+ Community Pride. This was their first chance to show us that they were going to do us Proud in 2013 with our pride event, and they did not fail. The overall message was clear, concise and very honest. LCP have a huge challenge on their hands. They have 5 months to put together an event that normally takes 12. On top of that, they are starting from scratch in relation to finance, volunteers and resources. But they are positive, realistic and extremely open.

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