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Theatre review: Hilda and Virginia

“Hilda and Virginia” are two plays about two very different women.  Written with a sure hand, by accomplished playwright and poet Maureen Duffy.

Inside Out comes to London in October

Inside Out is a show about discovering identity and defying stereotypes in a world that insists upon boxing, packaging, and labelling. Christina Bloom shares her experience with matters of the heart in this thought-provoking look at sexuality through the eyes of a one-woman, 'one-man' band. This show explores the cruelty of life, while celebrating small victories and progress towards acceptance.

    Fall of Duty at Brighton Fringe

    Fall of Duty is showing in Brighton as part of Brighton Fringe 2017 at The Lantern @ Sweet Waterfront 2 on 8-14 May at 17:10.

    Milk Presents... Joan

    What happens when you combine a historical plot of sieges between France and England with a talented actor and drag king... this is in no way a drag to your evening.

    Joan plays with history, gender, comedy and song and produces a wide range of emotions from comedy to despair and everything in between.

    The Elephant Girls

    The Elephant Girls takes you back to London since forgotten. This one woman play is both entertaining, and gives onsite to the world of London gangs post World War 1 London.

    Review of The Lezzwardians - Murder at Lezzton Abbey

    Think Murder mystery, lesbians in Victorian times, maids, mistresses, and bondage and a fantastic comedy; The Lezwood players did not disappoint.

    Her Aching Heart is a huge success

    Her Aching Heart is the best lesbian-themed play I have seen in the last 5 years!

    New lesbian theatre with Her Aching Heart

    The Hope Theatre Will Revive Bryony Lavery’s Hilarious Mills and Boon Pastiche 'HER ACHING HEART' feat. Original Music in a 25th Anniversary in-House Production.

    Wanting more from the eminent Rose Collis

    Exquisite, moving and historical - the latest one woman play from Rose Collis does not disappoint 

    Interview: Jemima Rooper

    Jemima Rooper is set to star as Sharon in new play Breeders, written by Ben Ockrent, directed by Tamara Harvey, from 3 September - 4 October at the St James Theatre. Angela Griffin and Tamsin Outhwaite also star.

    Helen Oakleigh - Sitcoms, Sappho & Shakespeare

    Exciting new projects for actor Helen Oakleigh, including upcoming lesbian comic romp Sappho at the Lord Stanley in Camden.

    Speed Twins at Riverside Studios (by Maureen Chadwick)

    Using the passage towards death as a lens, and a "dyke heaven" as the setting, different aspects of being a lesbian through the 1900s compared with modern times are discussed, re-enacted, rejected and accepted by the core three characters, ably played by the 3 strong all female cast. Humour is paced well throughout, although the overuse of lesbian stereotypes was a little staid at time. For most of the play, we don't know (along with the characters) exactly where they are and why they are there. However, by the time of the big reveal, it has all begun to make sense.

    Freakoid (Ovalhouse)

    Dear quiet unassuming Emma 4, we have all met her at some point in our life. A woman of a certain age who has lived a disappointing life which has left her, well, a tad neurotic and lets be honest we’ve all discounted her as a boring and pointless. However, in this whip-smart show Emma 4 is anything but. 

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