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Reasons to get married, and why civil partnerships are not something heterosexual people should want

I've recently been splitting ownership of a property with an ex, and what I've uncovered is quite shocking... so much so I wanted to share it. I started to look into the matter of marriage vs. civil partnerships and also co-habiting. 

The results, hopefully some useful information of how a marriage or civil partnership can benefit you when it comes to rights and finances around property, pensions and even travel. 

Pride is Paramount

Pride is paramount. It is an extremely empowering emotion which can be associated with every aspect of life from your nationality to your ethnicity, your gender to your sexuality.

Love Human Rights

Love Human Rights organises fundraising events to support LGBT people fleeing persecution on grounds of their sexuality.


The Kaleidoscope Trust Annual Gala Dinner

The Kaleidoscope Trust is delighted to invite you to their third Annual Gala Dinner on the 29th of January
2015. Join us as we take over London’s glamourous Cafe de Paris for the biggest bash yet.

Dyke March London marches on in 2014

Dyke March London (DML) is organised by a community-centred, grassroots collective who want to increase dyke visibility in London and the UK. With a strong focus on inclusiveness and accessibility the annual protest march aims to provide a platform for all women on the LBTQ* spectrum to make themselves seen and heard in the city.

Planet London 4 "SHE 4 ME"

Here are Planet London, we are standing up and supporting our US LGBT family, as well as all of our LGBT brothers and sisters around the world who aren't as lucky as we are now here in the UK, to say NOW is the time for same-sex marriage to be legal EVERYWHERE.

SHE4ME and Nicole Conn

What Marriage Equality would mean for Nicole and indeed "all of us", is "humanity acknowledging we are humans with the same rights as straight people". As Nicole puts it,
"love between any two people is acceptable and society – every soul deserves that right."

SHE4ME and Jen Foster

Jen and Sue took the decision to align with Marriage Equality, the organisation, and also to be patient in waiting for things to come together to make a special video that would really be a "statement". It was not always a straightforward process to get supporters on board and keep them on board and wait for things to fall in place, but well worth the wait in our opinion. 

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