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The Art of Orgasm

Something surprisingly common is that women don’t let the orgasm take place - the contracting, tensing and the spasms can feel a bit too much, and the woman will stop what she’s doing at the point of climax. My biggest bit of advice for you is to let the orgasm happen, ‘power through it’! Some of us need to power through this contracting and spasming to get out the other side, which may feel unnatural if you’re not used to it.  Does this sound recognisable to you? That you are feeling something so incredibly intense that you don’t quite know what to do with it.

Mindful Masturbation

A lot of you know what masturbation means and a good percentage of you know how to masturbate. This is a back to basics look at it so get ready to re-learn, and for those who haven’t been able to get masturbation ‘right’ then this will give you the good beginnings of a good sesh!

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