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Pride in London is called to account by the Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board today released its post-event report on Pride in London. I have a mixture of emotions about it. I’m happy to see the experiences and feelings of many of the community expressed in writing, and it certainly completely confirms the experiences of all those who contacted me in frustration/upset/discontent in the run up to Pride; however I’m also sad. I love London, and I love Pride – but I love a Pride that is as diverse and inclusive as the LGBT community with which I feel a part of and this year I have never felt so distant from Pride.

The Ruby Slippers at The Arts Theatre

There is a lot on offer over the Pride festival fortnight - over 80 events in fact. We're looking forward to The Ruby Slippers in particular, find out why!

Find out more about the Pride in London Official Women's Party

This year Pride in London are using their volunteers to host the official Pride in London women's party rather than collaborating with an existing promoter as they have in the past.

We chatted to the lead volunteer to find out more about what we can expect from the night...

Meet the DJs supporting the Pride in London Women's Party

The Pride in London Official Women's Party offers a selection of DJs fairly unknown on the main lesbian circuit in London. Along with the stunning venue, there is an opportunity to experience something different from your standard LBQ night out in London.

We find out a bit more about what you can expect from the DJs on the night...

Sunday Service!

If you're looking for a fun night out with a cabaret performance, in a great venue then look no further!

Oh what a Pride, let's celebrate & party

Pride in London - that time of year where London is swamped with events and where suddenly the LGBT community is everywhere... thing is there isn't always that much for women. This article includes our top 4 choices, LBQ events for women and other unofficial events taking place.

Pride in London Parade - A Planeteer Perspective

So if you want to have a Pride that actually makes you feel proud rather than drunk and disorientated (you still have plenty of time to do this after the march) and you want to march for a group who support the LBQ community unlike others who just want to take your money, lie to you and that will not help you in the slightest (I mention no names and I tell you no lies), I urge you to march with Planet London next year. I will be back and this time I want to ride my own tricycle and see if we can’t get some tricycle tricks going!!!

Stonewall Pride Fundraiser

It takes true imagination to find a unique location to put on a Pride event and Elaine McKenzie did just that!

Under our Umbrella: Pride in London 2014

Thankfully 25 Planet London umbrellas meant we didn't let the rain dampen our spirits at this year's Pride in London.

We were fortunate to be marching with our legendary #dyketrike & 50 or so other like minded women  who wanted to raise the visibility of women in Pride - and have a fabulous time whilst doing so!

EXCLUSIVE Lucy Spraggan Interview @ Pride in London

After an epic pheasant-plucking quest, we finally had the chance to catch up with fan favourite and Ultimate Planet Community Award winner Lucy Spraggan in person at this year's Pride in London - and she did not disappoint!

Tease me, tease me, baby...

Elaine acted as host as well, and gave a run down of what we were to expect. Burlesque dancing, erotic poetry, a speech from me (it was also a ProudPlanet event promoting visibility and participation of women at Pride) and of course the food!

LBQ women show their support for women’s visibility at Pride in London

With the second Pride parade and festival delivered by Pride in London just around the corner– expectations are high and the organisers are keen to make a mark and improve on last year’s successful event.

Pride's Got Talent finalists to perform on Pride in London Stage & Winner announced

Entertainers and performing artists of every kind were judged by an expert panel on Sunday 15th June. The judges chose one overall winner and eleven runners-up from hundreds who applied. The winner, Dorian Reland, is to perform in Trafalgar Square at Pride in London on 28th June.

SHE with Pride

It's that time of the year when Pride in London is upon us! SHE will be working with KU during the day to bring you lots of music and dancing! SHE will be open till 3am the night of pride with DJ’s Poppy L Kav & Cat La Chappelle.

May saw us work with ProudPlanet at ‘She’s Quizzical’ where we raised lots of money for women’s visibility and involvement in London Pride.

Down Girls Gets Down with Jade Ellis - you can too!

Downstairs at the Black Cap, something is stirring, the ground is buzzing, and something big is coming. Women from all over London, and further afield, are descending upon Camden to go to DownGirls. Why is this night causing such a stir? 


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