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Cressida's Classic Champagne Cocktail

The classic champagne cocktail is a very simple drink to make. Elegant in image and taste, a drink that is perfect for special occasions. 

Cressida warms you up with Mulled Wine

One of the favourites for a winter cocktail and also a very simple one to create. Mulled wine has been around since the second century in ancient Rome.

Cressida stirs up an Old Fashioned

Warm yourself from the inside out with the classic old fashioned. This Bourbon based drink originated in the 1920’s during the prohibition. A mix of sweet and savoury that brings warmth which makes this drink so appealing in the winter months.

Gooseberry and Elderflower Fool

Celebrating spring ingredients, here is a quick and easy to prepare dessert that is packed full of flavours. We love desserts in our house, and this dish is one of the reasons why.

Fluffy Lime Cupcakes with Lime Whipped Cream

A recipe for fresh, yet creamy lime cupcakes. Perfect to have out on the side when friends are coming over.

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