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Oh what a Pride, let's celebrate & party

Pride in London - that time of year where London is swamped with events and where suddenly the LGBT community is everywhere... thing is there isn't always that much for women. This article includes our top 4 choices, LBQ events for women and other unofficial events taking place.

NO.NO Fest :(

We are disappointed today to hear the GO.GO Fest 2012 has had to be cancelled.

Despite a long run at promotion, offers and a fantastic line up that included acts such as Uh Huh Her, Betty and Jill Jackson, and a much more accessible venue for Londoners, it appears that not enough women were drawn to the festival billed as a non stop 72 hour party for women.

2011 – How was it for you? And what will 2012 bring?

Well for Planet London, 2011 has been quite a year. We launched in March following the idea for the site germinating in our minds for a good while, and multiple requests from friends for a good source of up to date reliable information on what’s going on in London for lesbians.

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